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News of the Weird

a.k.a. My Life

23 November 1964
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I’m feeling the need to duck and cover, so my non-fiction posts for the next while are going to disappear behind of the veil of friends-locked posts.

If you’re only here for the fiction, you don’t need to do anything - you’ll still be able to access it. If you want to read the non-fiction posts and I haven’t friended you, reply to this post, and I’ll friend you back. If you have no LJ account and still want to read the non-fiction posts, you’ll need to go here to create your own LJ. And again, you’ll need to post a comment while signed into LJ so I can friend you back.

One other thing before you decide to ask me to friend you: crap!fic is my crack. I can't get enough of it, and I'm not talking about the shite that squeeing fangirls put up. I'm talking about the very purple prose to be found in fics written by people who deeply love their subject matter but haven't a clue as to how to make that work for them in the stories they write. I search out crap!fic, and when I find it, I sing hosannas to the fic gods for smiling down on me.

And then I share bits and pieces of it. And I mock. And I groan. I don't identify the fic or the author in the post, and occasionally, I won't even identify the fandom. But I will share the pain.

I write. I snark. I laugh. I joke. I cry. I eat. I drink. I love. I hate. I gossip. I bitch. I hide. I roam. I work. I play. I fuck. I enjoy. I whine. I avoid. I deny. I dream. I act. I react. I listen. I talk. I care. I rock.

I am.

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